Lipik City Day marked



Every year, a rich program on the occasion of Lipik City Day was not absent this year as well, starting with Ajvarfest on September 15, Pekmezijada and Fruit Day on September 22, and a fiishade with a concert on September 28, as well as Children's Day at the Stud Farm on October 12. Lipik and the patron saint of the patron saint of the city of Sv. Francis of Assisi. Visitors to these events could enjoy the Count and Countess this year as well.

Another interesting feature of this year's program was the CRO Race, which presented not only Croatia, Slavonia, but also Lipik, which was the goal of the first stage; two circles around Lipik; the photo finisher who decided the winner of the stage; nice weather, top organization, was the occasion where the count and the Countess walked among the numerous visitors and for the first time presented new costumes.

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